Bahama Shutters

Bahama Shutters

Each shutter is made to the specifications of each customer’s window measurements. Each shutter is Powder Coated and manufactured at the factory. There are 11 standard colors to choose from: White, Black, Ivory, Sandlewood, Bronze, Sapphire Blue, Dark Sienna, Circuit Grey, Charleston Green, Forest Green, and Hunter Green. If a standard color is not what you need you may choose to match a color. This service is available at an extra charge.

Decorative. Our Decorative Bahama is made with 2″ louver blades and mounted with standard Bahama hinges. 1″ build out and ceiling mount hinges are also available. The decorative Bahama shutter is great if you are trying to style up your home with shade and electric savings during the hot summers here in Florida. It also brings a sense of security to your home. These shutters are operable shutters and may be closed and locked to your window opening for minimal storm protection. This shutter is not storm rated.



Our Deluxe Bahama is our strongest most durable of the 2 styles we offer. It is made with a 3″ perforated blade. They are mounted with a standard hinge, 1″ build out, or ceiling mount. This shutter has the most convenient storm protection from a Bahama style shutter. They mount to your window opening with ease and when needed they tie right to the wall for optimal storm protection and security. This shutter is storm rated and Florida building code approved.